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Igrosoft is a privately held leading Russian online casino software and hardware developer company with over 22 years of experience in the iGaming sector led by its founder and owner Gleb Litvin. It is based in Moscow City, the capital of one of the largest countries in the world. Igrosoft is also known for its famed and innovative motherboards for slot machines, which can be incorporated into land-based ones, constructing secure databases and providing guidance to its operators. The majority consider Igrosoft as the most renowned and beloved business solution supplier in the country, including the adjacent post-USSR nations, also known as the Commonwealth of Independent States. Taking into account the unique characteristics of the Russian market, it has amassed considerable expertise in the production of gaming programs. At the start of Igrosoft’s lengthy and fascinating journey, its slots, as real-world devices, were accessible at land-based casinos. However, later, casinos in the Russian Federation were relocated to approved gaming jurisdictions, which led Igrosoft to utilize the most contemporary Internet technology and subsequently place a high priority on the online adaptation of its games. The primary characteristic and primary cause of Igrosoft's online games' current level of popularity is its recognizable and adored traditional style - an old-fashioned interpretation of slots. The slots are original and have a distinct flair while having a straightforward visual and audio design. Igrosoft does not have a significant number of titles in their game library, despite a lengthy experience in the board and video slot manufacturing industry. However, the 20 games listed under its name give an outstandingly unique and unforgettable experience to the players that sail through the oceans of emotion. One of many great advantages that Igrosoft possesses is that its games are diverse because concepts typically feature distinctive animations with either humans or wildlife as the major heroes. Additionally, users can discover that the gameplay too is varied due to the advanced technology and numerous analytical approaches used to incorporate the best features into its slots. This enables players to experience video slots with multiple paylines and reel setups. The most adored games from the provider are Golden Antelope, Fruit Cocktail 2, and The Heat. Igrosoft’s titles run on Adobe Flash Player, which some may consider outdated, but in reality, it is a battle-tested software that did not let down any user before and will not in the future. Furthermore, as a multi-platform provider, Its games can be played on multiple devices, like desktop computers, smartphones, and more. Each title offers a demo for players, who would love to familiarize themselves with its features before playing it with serious intent. Igrosoft employs a variety of elements while developing their games, a few of which include utilizing unique algorithms, toggling between multiple game screen modes, or utilizing a real exchange network with a host utilized for computations. The whole Igrosoft game library has received certification from iTechLabs, an experienced software testing organization that verified all games' random number generators, which consistently produced fair results.
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