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Arrow’s Edge was founded in 2014. The company quickly established itself as one of the top online gaming software and technology providers; its initial focus was to develop high-quality casino games for desktop and laptop players. In addition to developing PC games, Arrow’s Edge has since expanded into the mobile gaming market. It has developed dozens of games available for smartphone and tablet players. Overall, the company has quickly built a portfolio that includes well over 50 games for the mobile and PC markets. All its games are tested and certified by NMi, who give it an excellent rating overall. The company’s portfolio includes five-reel classic slots, video poker, blackjack games, and live table games such as roulette. Famous examples include Panda Planet, Pierre's Patisserie, Zimba and Friends, Robin in the Woods, and Yakuza Slots, which have been developed especially for mobile casinos. In total, over 50 games aimed at both mobile casinos and desktop ones have been developed by Arrow’s Edge. Arrow's Edge provides a wide variety of specialty and table games, often taking players beyond classical blackjack, roulette, and video poker experiences. The company works hard to develop slot titles that rank among the best in terms of graphics, bonus features, and innovation. The digital signature on the Java certificate is from Lago Ranco B.V., a casino licensing jurisdiction with 4 Master Licenses and many sub-licensees, many of which are well-known casino brands. Arrow's Edge, which specializes in creating online casino games and services for clients and players, offers a balanced selection of classic and cutting-edge games that appeal to many people. The company's offerings include 5-reel slots, blackjack, roulette, tri-card, and video poker. What truly sets them apart is their ability to be ahead of trends by offering modern gaming selections that players crave - especially slot games that contain exciting bonus features and intriguing storylines. Arrow's Edge's short history has already created dozens of mobile games in the slot, table game, and video poker categories so that players will have plenty of options when looking for mobile casino games on the go. Because mobile gaming is on the rise, Arrow's Edge made it a priority to continue expanding its mobile game library. Tournament play is an excellent way to reach different types of players who are looking for a more competitive experience. Arrow's Edge has put in a lot of effort to attract these types of players through the many tournaments it hosts on Blackjack, Slot machines, and Video Poker. Slot machine tournaments are particularly popular among gamers worldwide because they offer substantial prize pools that can be won by anyone with the skill and luck necessary to beat them. Arrow's Edge has adapted many of its best slots into a tournament format for these players, who love competing against each other for huge prizes. Table games and video poker tournaments have also been quite popular with those who want to use more skills to best their opponents in these events. Arrow's Edge seeks to provide diversity in its jackpot selection so that all players can compete for big prizes. For example, they offer a lineup of "Super Slots" games that pay out through a network of live progressive jackpots. These usually hit around $35,000 to $75,000. The "Cash Grab Slots" and "Cash Grab Video Poker" titles appeal to those who prefer frequent but smaller wins; in most cases, the Cash Grab jackpot is won in the $2,000 to $5,000 range, meaning it doesn't last long before somebody wins big. Arrow's Edge is a software company specializing in online slot machines. The company is new to the market, but nevertheless, it has already developed a portfolio of games that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with similar offerings by other providers. These games are all well designed, many of them come with uniquely thought-out bonus features to match their themes, and at this point in time, the company's focus is not on getting its games used by established operators but rather on helping build new brands from scratch via full-service solutions for VIP schemes, special tournament events, and back-office management.
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